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Metal Detectable 2 Litre Pouring Jug

150 (Blade W) x 175 (Blade L) x 240 (Overall L)

Colour: Blue

Code: P48MD 
Hygienic Jug For Colour Coded Systems

Details: Food Approved 
Detectable Hygiene products can be detected and rejected by all correctly calibrated metal detectable and x-ray equipment used in the food processing industry.

Pouring jugs have a generous two-litre capacity with room to spare, preventing unnecessary spillage. The centrally positioned increment ladder ensures accurate measuring. Made of food-approved PP, they are designed for easy storage and transport.

Personalisation options:
Such as printing logos, text, sequential numbering and product identification gives a more bespoke solution to suit your requirements.

Blade Width 150 Overall Length 240
Blade Length 175

Temp Range (ºC) -30 + 80
Weight (kg) 0.25
Capacity (litres) 2