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Foldable Large Containers

Mailbox Products large industrial folding containers fold in seconds, saving 75% of space. This makes them ideal for use as return transport packaging ( RTP ) and multi-drop deliveries. Heavy-duty polypropylene (PP) construction ensures they are suitable for even the most demanding environments. Food-approved material means they can also be used in the food industry for transporting fresh or frozen products.

Easy to clean, these Mailbox Products containers have a large capacity but are easy to store and will provide many years of use.

IMPORTANT: Dynamic and Racking Load Rating
Dynamic and racking loading can vary and is dependent upon the even distribution and type of weight across the surface area of the pallet and height of load, combined with correct setting of forks and racking. Load ratings for individual applications should be obtained.

  • Heavy duty folding tanks
  • Space saving RTP
  • Large folding pallet tanks 
  • Folding pallet systems
  • Return Trip Packaging
  • Warehouse folding pallet
  • Industrial delivery tank 
  • Pallet printing service