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Zinc Wire Shelving

Mailbox wire racking is an effective shelving system for any commercial or industrial environment. It is elegant, minimalist and timeless. The open wire racking reduces dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air, greater visibility of stored items and more light penetration. Smooth construction means it is snag-free, so ideal for delicate or sensitive wrapped items.

Wire racking is corrosion-proof and can be used with confidence in even the most demanding environments. Available as static units or with castors, the shelves offer various configurations to suit your requirements. Our wire racking is ideal for dry stores, display, retail and offices. It can even be used in life sciences and laboratory storage applications for a truly flexible solution to your storage issues.

Loading can vary and is dependent upon the even distribution and type of weight across the surface area of the shelving, Load ratings for individual applications should be obtained.

  • Smooth shelves
  • Offers ample storage
  • Free circulation of air
  • Visible storage of items
  • Corrosion-proof
  • High-quality material

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