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Metal Dollies

A steel dolly provides sturdy, heavy-duty manoeuvring for bulky items and loaded pallets. Mailbox metal dollies are perfect for use in busy environments such as warehouses and meet a wide range of manual handling needs. They are available in circular and rectangular options.

Dollies are a secure and effective way to move items with ease. They also save the time wasted on repeat journeys as many containers, boxes and trays can be stacked or nested on the dolly, meaning fewer trips to and from locations.

  • Lightweight metal Euro dollies
  • Strong Euro container dolly
  • Euro dollies - UK manufactured 
  • Strong Steel dolly
  • Easy to clean Food approved dolly 
  • Personalised Euro size dollies
  • £64.89

    Metal Euro Dolly FC1

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 155 (H)

    Code: U100

    Code: U100 Dolly for use with Euro sized containers & boxes Details: Food Approved This Mailbox Products epoxy-coated mild steel dolly is des...

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  • £42.71

    Dolly for 10 Loaf Bread Trays D10

    680 (L) x 535 (W) x 140 (H)

    Code: H1004

    Code: H1004 Dolly for use with 10 loaf bread tray Details: Food ApprovedThe side-loading dolly is made from mild steel with a blue paint finish. ...

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  • £129.78

    Metal Dolly for 800 x 600 Boxes

    830 (L) x 630 (W) x 155 (H)

    Code: U108

    Code: U108 Dolly for use with Euro sized containers & boxes Details: Food Approved These dollies are made of aluminium/ABS. They are very str...

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  • £37.00

    Dolly for use with 12 Loaf Bread Trays D12

    NA (L) x NA (W) x NA (H)

    Code: H12

    Code: H12 Dolly for use with 12 Loaf Bread Tray Details: Food Approved - Dolly Only Front loading dolly used with the D12 Loaf Bread Trays, This ...

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  • £146.49

    Steel Dolly for 765 x 455 Containers & Boxes

    790 (L) x 480 (W) x 140 (H)

    Code: H211

    Code: H211 Dolly for use with M111, M211, M311 & FC1 Containers & Boxes Details: Food Approved Steel dolly is ideal for use in food produ...

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  • from £170.34

    Circular Stainless Steel Dolly

    300 (L) x 300 (W) x 140 (H)

    Code: H30

    Code: H30 S/Steel Circular Dolly  Details: Food Approved Circular stainless steel dolly is manufactured in stainless steel and has four swivel ca...

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    from £170.34
  • £101.97

    Stainless Steel Dolly for 600 x 400 Boxes

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 140 (H)

    Code: U100SS

    Code: U100SS Dolly for Euro Sized Containers & Boxes Details: Food Approved Made of stainless steel, this Euro dolly is designed to suit Euro...

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  • £298.00

    Stainless Steel Dolly with Handle

    1050 (L) x 400 (W) x 950 (H)

    Code: H353SS

    Code: H353SS Dolly for use with X353 X354, X355 & X356 Details: Food Approved - Dolly onlyStainless steel double dolly is designed to suit Ma...

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