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Multi Purpose & Logistics

Mailbox Products multi-purpose trolleys are a useful and versatile product that will complement any logistics system. With a choice of aluminium or epoxy-coated steel construction, the smaller trolleys are lightweight and compact with a comfortable handle. The double trolley offers a large amount of product carrying or storage capacity.

Multi-purpose logistics trolleys can be used for carrying full or empty containers safely around the warehouse, factory or industrial area. They are also ideal for order picking, providing a quick and easy way to picking and moving orders when needed.

  • Lightweight logistics trolley
  • Easy to manoeuvre utility trolleys
  • Versatile shelf trolleys
  • Easy to clean canteen trolley 
  • Heavy duty catering trolleys
  • Large labour saving food trolleys
  • 2 shelf box trolley

    2 Tier Trolley and Containers

    680 (L) x 430 (W) x 1020 (H)

    Code: B19

    Code: B19 M2602 Container trolley Details:  Containers included These two-tier trolleys come with containers, available in various colours. Made o...

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  • Metro 2 shelf utility trolley

    2 Shelf Utility Trolley

    857 (L) x 546 (W) x 845 (H)

    Code: C9

    Code: C9 Reinforced water proof - Polymer trolley Details: Two-shelf trolleys have chrome uprights and polymer shelves. They can be used to assist...

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  • £272.59

    Heavy Duty 2 Shelf Trolley

    990 (L) x 450 (W) x 850 (H)

    Code: C4510

    Code: C4510 Robust Stock Picking trolley Details:  These heavy-duty trolleys have two shelves and a handle. There are four large castors for easy ...

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  • £294.12

    3 Shelf Utility Trolley

    857 (L) x 546 (W) x 845 (H)

    Code: C10

    Code: C10 Reinforced Waterproof - Polymer Trolley Details: Providing ample storage over three good-sized shelves, these trolleys are a useful addi...

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  • £277.84

    Large Heavy Duty 2 Shelf Trolley

    1150 (L) x 660 (W) x 850 (H)

    Code: C4520

    Code: C4520 Robust Stock Picking Trolley Details:  Large and heavy-duty trolleys provide a robust and efficient way to move product. They have a h...

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  • £381.26

    3 Shelf Trolley

    1030 (L) x 510 (W) x 960 (H)

    Code: C4091

    Code: C4091 Robust Trolley Details:  Made of aluminium and PP, these versatile three-shelf trolleys have large castors for easy movement. Strong a...

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  • £695.00

    Large Double Trolley

    1000 (L) x 650 (W) x 1500 (H)

    Code: M4456

    Code: M4456 Double Security Trolley for Containers Details: Tray not included Security trolleys provide extra safety and security for goods and ma...

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