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Bale arm crates

Bale arm crates

With up to 75% nesting capabilities, Ultranest is the ultimate RTP logistics stack nest crate system. These containers have swing bars that allow positive stacking when in use and then fold away so containers can nest when empty, optimising valuable distribution and storage space.

They are manufactured in high-grade virgin materials, making them suitable for food contact and also temperature-controlled environments. The perforated design of each container has been specifically chosen to improve airflow while maintaining the tare weights that the market demands.

These containers are very popular in retail environments for the transportation of goods to major supermarket chains, food manufacturing and processing sites, temperature controlled warehouses, and also pooling/rental solutions. They are the perfect Returnable Transit Packaging system. Moulded-in graphics or permanent die-stamping give you the option to display your company logo.

Mailbox Products stocks bale arm crates in an array of standard colours with an option to colour-match for production run quantities when you need that extra personalised touch. Areas including the option for barcode labels, RFID labels, etc are also a standard feature. Ultranest logistic crates are all Euro-norm sizes of 600 x 400mm and 400 x 300mm footprints, making them fully compatible with Euro-size single and Euro-size double dollies and all Euro and industrial pallets.

  • £7.33

    15 Litre Supermarket Bale Arm Crate

    400 (L) x 300 (W) x 180 (H)

    Code: M740

    Code: M740 Ventilated Supermarket Crate with Stacking Bars Details: Food Approved  These industrial-use polypropylene bale arm crates are ideal fo...

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  • Supermarket Bale Arm Crate Dark Green

    28 Litre Supermarket Bale Arm Crate

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 167 (H)

    Code: M767

    Code: M767 Euro Size Stack Nest Container with Rods Details: Food Approved The bale arms on the bale arm containers can be moved in and out to al...

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  • Bale arm supermarket crate in orange

    35 Litre Supermarket Bale Arm Crate

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 197 (H)

    Code: M725

    Code: M725 Euro Supermarket Crate with Stacking Bars Details: Food Approved Bales arms allow easy stacking and nesting on these heavy-duty, indus...

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  • Euro size heavy duty stacking box dolly red

    Euro Stacking Dolly

    605 (L) x 400 (W) x 190 (H)

    Code: R1174

    Code: R1174 Heavy Duty Stacking Dolly Details: Food Approved This Euro sized plastic dolly is suitable for containers from our stack / nest contai...

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  • Heavy duty stacking dolly
    from £94.60

    Double Euro Stacking Dolly

    800 (L) x 600 (W)

    Code: R1208

    Code: R1208 Heavy Duty Double Stacking Dolly Details: Food Approved The heavy-duty double Euro dolly is available in a wide range of colours to co...

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  • Handle for double mobile dolly

    Dolly Handle for Double Stacking Dolly

    948 (L) x 303 (W)

    Code: R1165

    Code: R1165  Dolly Handle for Double Stacking Dolly Details: Food Approved - Handle only The double Euro stacking dolly comes with an optional pla...

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