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Round Interstacking Bins

Mailbox interstacking round bins come in four sizes. They are popular across many industries, particularly the food industry. Manufactured from virgin material, Mailbox Products containers are commonly used for the storage and handling of food ingredients such as sugar and flour.

The smooth interior and exterior sides and base make these interstacking bins easy to clean and extremely hygienic. They are designed to stack inside each other for easy, space-saving storage. Optional lids, dollies and sieve bases are also available, making them a truly useful and flexible purchase.

  • Made of food-grade virgin material
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatile
  • Food materials handling
  • Space-saving
  • Stack for easy storage
  • Personalisation options
  • £23.84

    18 Litre Stacking Bin

    430 (D) x 180 (H)

    Code: X353

    Code: X353 Stacking Bin  Details: Food Approved These interstacking bins are made of food-grade, heavy-duty material. The smooth interior is hygie...

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  • £28.39

    30 Litre Stacking Bin

    430 (D) x 290 (H)

    Code: X354

    Code: X354 Stacking Bin  Details: Food Approved These useful interstacking bins are popular across a wide and diverse range of industries. Manufac...

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  • £30.66

    45 Litre Stacking Bin

    430 (D) x 450 (H)

    Code: X355

    Code: X355 Stacking Bin  Details: Food Approved Manufactured of food-grade, heavy-duty material, these useful interstacking bins are popular acros...

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  • £35.21

    73 Litre Stacking Bin

    430 (D) 635 (H)

    Code: X356

    Code: X356 Stacking Bin  Details: Food Approved Available in a wide range of colours, these interstacking bins can be used across a wide range of ...

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  • £13.52

    Lid for use with X353 X354 X355 & X356

    430 (D) 15 (H)

    Code: E8830

    Code: E8830 Lid used with X353 X354 X 355 & X356 Details: Food Approved These strong MDPE lids provide extra protection for sensitive content...

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  • £61.33

    Dolly for X353 X354 X355 X356 E537 & X300

    500 (L) x 500 (W) x 268 (H)

    Code: R1117

    Code: R1117 Dolly for X353 X354 X355 X356 E537 & X300 Details: Food Approved The dolly makes it easy to manoeuvre round interstacking bins in ...

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  • £298.00

    Stainless Steel Double Dolly for X353 X354 X355 & X356

    1050 (L) x 400 (W) x 950 (H)

    Code: H353SS

    Code: H353SS Dolly for use with X353 X354, X355 & X356 Details: Food Approved - Dolly onlyStainless steel double dolly is designed to suit Ma...

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