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Sack Trucks

Mailbox TOPTRUCK sack trucks are used for moving heavy boxes and sacks. They are an ideal way to transport these items around busy workplaces, and can even be used with confidence on uneven surfaces.

Pneumatic wheels make these trolleys easy to manoeuvre, allowing items to be carried quickly and efficiently with minimum effort. We even offer a stairclimber option for climbing stairs and pavements – whatever the terrain, our sack trucks are up to the job.

  • Strong and robust sack trucks 
  • Versatile trucks
  • Strong castor sack trucks
  • Easy to manoeuvre sack trucks
  • Sack truck in red

    Standard Sack Truck

    550 (L) x 450 (W) x 1155 (H)

    Code: G1001

    Code: G1001 Pneumatic Tyre Standard Sack Truck Details: 150Kg Capacity These strong trolleys are ideal for the transportation of heavy boxes and s...

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  • £57.20

    P Handle Sack Truck

    540 (L) x 475 (W) x 1310 (H)

    Code: G1004

    Code: G1004 Pneumatic Tyre Heavy Duty Sack Truck Details: 200Kg Capacity  Handle trucks make it easy to transport heavy or bulky items such as app...

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  • Heavy Duty Sack Truck

    Heavy Duty Sack Truck

    590 (L) x 555 (W) x 1180 (H)

    Code: G1002

    Code: G1002 Pneumatic Tyre Heavy Duty Sack Truck Details: 300Kg Capacity Heavy-duty, fully-welded steel sack trucks are fitted with pneumatic tyre...

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  • sack truck and platform truck.

    3 Position Sack Truck

    470 (L) x 450 (W) x 1290 (H)

    Code: G1003

    Code: G1003 Pneumatic Tyre Heavy Duty Sack Truck Details: 300Kg Capacity Toptruck 3 offers three positions, converting from a basic sack truck int...

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  • Stair climber truck

    Folding Foot Stair Climber

    605 (L) x 765 (W) x 1150 (H)

    Code: G1005

    Code: G1005 Folding Foot Stair climber Details: 120Kg Capacity These strong sack trucks have tubular steel frame construction and are designed wit...

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