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Nesting Pallet Tanks

Mailbox Products nesting pallet tanks are designed for forklift transportation. They are ideal for food handling, recycling collections, component handling and much more. They nest for easy, space-saving storage and a safer, uncluttered shop floor.

The robust construction and generous capacity of these nesting pallet tanks ensures long service, no matter how demanding the environment in which they are used. Smooth construction makes them hygienic and easy to clean. Optional lids provide extra protection of contents.

IMPORTANT: Dynamic and Racking Load Rating
Dynamic and racking loading can vary and is dependent upon the even distribution and type of weight across the surface area of the pallet and height of load, combined with correct setting of forks and racking. Load ratings for individual applications should be obtained.

  • Heavy duty Pallet Tanks
  • Nest for space-saving storage
  • Nesting Tanks with lids
  • High quality Nesting Tanks
  • Impact resistant Nesting Tanks
  • Personalised Pallet Tanks
  • £235.40

    600 Litre Nesting Pallet Tank 4 Way Entry - 4 Open

    1200 (L) x 800 (W) x 920 (H)

    Code: R1072

    Code: R1072 Euro Size Nesting Pallet Tank Details: Food Approved Food-approved Euro size pallet tanks are available in a wide selection of colou...

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  • Large pallet tank in red, food approved use

    795 Litre Nesting Pallet Tank

    1290 (L) x 1030 (W) x 860 (H)

    Code: E2

    Code: E2 Pallet Tank With Solid Sides & Base Details: Food Approved Useful food-approved pallet tanks are available in a wide selection of c...

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  • £363.00

    850 Litre Nesting Pallet Tank

    1110 (L) x 940 (W) x 990 (H)

    Code: R605

    Code: R605 Pallet Tank With Solid Sides & Base Details: Food Approved Nesting pallet tanks are ideal for bulk storage across a wide range of...

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  • £117.70

    Pallet Tank Lid for E2

    1300 (L) x 1030 (W) x 10 (H)

    Code: E8002

    Code: E8002 Drop-on Lid for use with E2 pallet tank  Details: Food Approved Robust drop-on lids are made from MDPE so are suitable for use in foo...

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  • £63.80

    Pallet Tank Lid for R1072

    1200 (L) x 800 (W) x 15 (H)

    Code: R1073

    Code: R1073 Drop-on Lid for use with R1072 pallet tank  Details: Food Approved Strong lids protect contents from dust and moisture. They are made...

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