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Retail - Multiples

Mailbox Products wide range of materials handling solutions means we have the right product for your needs, whether you are looking for items for a single outlet or an entire chain. With our products, you can develop and apply a cohesive strategy that unites all your branches. We offer a huge selection of standard and bespoke colours and personalisation options, so our products can also form part of your branding strategy.

Robust, easy to clean and designed for long-term use in even the most demanding environments, most Mailbox products are designed and manufactured in-house for consistency of quality and supply.

  • Ideal for colour coding
  • Hygienic construction
  • High quality
  • Wide product range
  • Stack / Nest for easy storage
  • Personalisation options
  • Bale arm supermarket crate in orange

    35 Litre Supermarket Bale Arm Crate

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 197 (H)

    Code: M725

    Code: M725 Euro Supermarket Crate with Stacking Bars Details: Food Approved Bales arms allow easy stacking and nesting on these heavy-duty, indus...

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  • Plastic shopping basket in blue

    24 Litre Shopping Baskets

    496 (L) x 297 (W) x 250 (H)

    Code: M726

    Code: M726 UK Manufactured Retail Shopping Baskets Details: Food ApprovedMailbox Products stacking plastic shopping baskets are nestable for easy ...

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  • £6.05

    15 Litre Supermarket Bale Arm Crate

    400 (L) x 300 (W) x 180 (H)

    Code: M740

    Code: M740 Ventilated Supermarket Crate with Stacking Bars Details: Food Approved These industrial-use polypropylene bale arm crates are ideal for...

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  • Euro norm stacking container in red, made from food safe high quality graded plastic

    45 Litre Euro Stacking Box

    600 (L) x 400 (W) x 235 (H)

    Code: M212A

    Code: M212A 45 Litre Euro Stacking Container - Solid Sides & Base with Hand Grips Details: Food Approved Euro size stacking containers are sp...

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  • £11.85

    19.8 Litre Stacking Box

    400 (L) x 300 (W) x 220 (H)

    Code: M204A

    Code: M204A Stacking Box - Solid Sides & Base With Hand Grips Details: Food Approved Euro size stacking containers are space-saving and versa...

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  • Recycled material shopping baskets

    24 Litre Recycled Material Shopping Basket

    496 (L) x 297 (W) x 250 (H)

    Code: M726R

    Code: M726R UK Manufactured Retail Shopping Basket Details: Not suitable for direct food contactThese recycled material, robust stackable plastic ...

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  • £18.12

    38 Litre Stacking Box

    640 (L) x 385 (W) x 205 (H)

    Code: M118B

    Code: M118B Stacking Container with Solid Sides & Solid Base  Details: Food Approved With straight internal walls for maximum capacity and st...

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  • £14.42

    Hand Shovel

    240 (Blade W) x 550 (Overall L)

    Code: M700

    Code: M700 Hygienic Food Hand Shovel Details: Food Approved Mailbox Products hand shovels are made of hard-wearing PP. They are designed to minim...

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  • Moulded truck with lid in blue

    115 Litre Moulded Truck & Lid

    605 (L) x 510 (W) x 590 (H)

    Code: R930

    Code: R930 Moulded Truck supplied complete with drop on Lid Details: Food Approved Moulded trucks come with a drop-on lid. They have completely sm...

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  • £55.00

    30 Litre Rectangular Bin

    330 (L) x 230 (W) x 600 (H)

    Code: E318

    Code: E318 Large Square Stacking Tank Details: Food Approved  Rectangular bins are manufactured in food-approved material. They are very strong a...

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  • £11.71

    19.8 Litre Stacking Box

    400 (L) x 300 (W) x 220 (H)

    Code: M204B

    Code: M204B  Stacking Box - Perforated Sides & Solid Base With Hand Grips Details: Food Approved Perforated Euro size containers are ideal fo...

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