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Industrial quality, food-grade plastic hoppers are widely used in the food manufacturing and food processing industries for the storage and handling of liquid or dry ingredients and produce.  Seamless, robust construction makes it easy to keep the troughs hygienically clean.

Mailbox Products hoppers can also be used for food produce and kitchens.

  • Food approved hopper

    90 Litre Hopper

    552 (W) x 711 (H)

    Code: X312

    Code: X312 Hopper Details: Food Approved - Shown with optional frame & slide valve  These industrial quality, food-grade plastic hoppers are ...

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  • Mailbox Products hopper frame

    H312 Hopper Frame

    Frame to suite X312 Hopper

    Code: H312

    Code: H312 Hopper Details: Frame only The H312 hopper frame is compatible with the X312 and is manufactured from epoxy coated mild steel. Optiona...

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  • £26.40

    Drop-on Lid M14A X300 X312 & X415

    540 (D) x 10 (H)

    Code: X301

    Code: X301 Drop-on Lid for M14A, X300, X312 & X415 Details: Food Approved This strong round drop-on lid provides extra protection for sensiti...

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  • £77.00

    Slide Valve for X312

    4” Slide Valve

    Code: OC21

    Code: OC21 Slide Valve Details: Valve only 4” slide valve - aluminium body Dimensions:  External Diameter 4" Information: Used with X3...

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