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Plastic Buckets & Pails

Mailbox Products plastic buckets and pails have a huge variety of uses. They are the ideal way to store and transport liquid and solid materials as well as small amounts of bulk goods, making them a very flexible and versatile option.

They are made of food-safe polypropylene (PP) and are very popular in the food industry, though they can also be used for contents as diverse as glue, nails or animal feed. Often used by decorators for secure storage of paint, the airtight lid protects against dust, moisture and spills.

The plastic buckets and pails come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many feature a useful dropdown or moulded-in handle for easy lifting. Smooth construction makes these useful containers easy to clean.

  • Food-grade airtight bins
  • Hard-wearing white bins
  • Robust white bins with lids
  • Easy clean airtight bins
  • Easy to carry buckets
  • Space-saving stacking buckets
  • Bucket storage containers
  • Printed stacking buckets