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Recycled Pallets

Made of old pallets that are no longer needed, Mailbox recycled material pallets are extremely strong and durable. They are available in different pallet styles and sizes with an open or closed top deck. They are an extremely cost-effective option with the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.

Plastic pallets have become increasingly popular for storing and transporting a wide range of items. When contents have to be protected from contact with sources that could contaminate, spoil or damage them, plastic pallets are the ideal solution as dirt and contaminants are unable to stick to their smooth, sealed surface. In addition, they do not attract insects or vermin, which are also potential contamination sources.

IMPORTANT: Dynamic and Racking Load Rating
Dynamic and racking loading can vary and is dependent upon the even distribution and type of weight across the surface area of the pallet and height of load, combined with correct setting of forks and racking. Load ratings for individual applications should be obtained.

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