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Small Parts Bins

Mailbox Products small parts storage bins are the ideal solution when you need to sort, segregate or store small parts or components. Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, they can be stacked or, for increased flexibility, used with louvred panels, cabinets and shelving. Whichever option you choose, these small parts bins will soon become an indispensable part of your materials handling system.

Our small parts storage bins help to improve workplace efficiency by streamlining processes. They improve time and cost efficiency by ensuring that everything is stored safely and can be located and accessed quickly and easily when needed. It is also important to note that smooth design protects against the build-up of grease and means the small parts bins are easy to keep hygienically clean.

Popular across the sectors, small parts storage bins can be used in schools, offices, warehouses, hospitals and manufacturing environments. They are even suitable for home use, turning your garage into a workshop without having to commit to expensive building alterations or providing an excellent way to sort and store the small items used in crafting.

  • High-quality construction
  • Flexible use Storage
  • Easy to clean Storage bins

  • Recycled options available
  • Antibacterial options available
  • Panel mounting kit options
  • from £10.00

    Semi-Open Fronted Coloured Containers

    Available in 7 sizes

    Semi-Open Fronted Colour Coded Containers  Small Parts Bins Details: Mailbox Products Semi-Open Fronted Containers. A simple and effective small ...

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  • Space-efficient small parts bins
    from £15.00

    Black Recycled Semi-Open Fronted Containers

    Available in 6 sizes

    Recycled Black Semi-Open Fronted Containers  Recycled Small Parts Bins Details: Would your business benefit from a more organised approach to sep...

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  • Electro Conductive Small Parts Bins
    from £23.00

    Electro Conductive Small Parts Bins

    Available in 6 sizes

    Electro Conductive Small Parts Bins Black EC Small Parts Bins Details: If you have to store, sort or segregate static-sensitive items, Mailbox Pr...

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  • Antibacterial Small Parts Bins
    from £20.00

    Antibacterial Small Parts Bins

    Available in 6 sizes

    Antibacterial Small Parts Bins White Antibacterial Small Parts Bins Details: Do you need small parts storage for use in hygiene-sensitive areas s...

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