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Single Door Steel Locker

305 (W) x 460 (D) x 1760 (H) - Anti-bacterial powder coating

Colour: Red

Code: T7729
1 Door Lockers - Mild Steel

Details: Silver body colour as standard

Our popular standard steel lockers are the most commonly used in workplace, academic environments and industries. 

Available as small one-compartment units right up to larger 16-compartment units, these robust lockers have silver coloured, steel bodies and steel doors (available in a selection of colours) and will provide many years of service.

These lockers provide safe storage of personal effects. Perfect for the demands of the workplace or social areas, they give you the confidence that wherever they are, your valuables are safe securely stored.

Estimated Delivery: 10-15 Working Days


External Length
305 Internal Diameter 240
External Width 460 Internal Height 410
External Height 1760 Material

Mlld steel

The high tech anti bacterial coating, the hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environment.

IRON PHOSPHATE KEY COAT: This anti-rust, key coat bonds to the steel in readiness for the final active coating.
PREPARED STEEL SURFACE: Chemical cleaning ensures an ideal surface for further coatings.

A: Standard Cam lock with micro sprung 10 disk locking x 2 Keys
B: Hasp and staple 5-7mm shank diameter. Padlock sold separate 

Lock types

Available on request: Bespoke specification

  • Additional lock types
  • Additional master key
  • 150mm Stand
  • 400mm Bench