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Mobile Small Parts Trolley

1000 (W) x 530 (D) x 1160 (H) - Used with Small Parts Bins


Mobile Louvred Panel Trolley - Mild Steel 
Small Parts Bins storage unit

Pick components held in aisle storage quickly and efficiently with our mobile small parts trolleys.  Slimline design and outstanding manoeuvrability makes it easy to traverse even the tightest warehouse aisle. Designed for use with Mailbox Products small parts bins, which attach firmly to the louvred panel for secure mounting but can be removed effortlessly.

Please note: Panels exclude parts bins.
  • Robust construction
  • High quality
  • Non-marking rubber castors
  • 400Kg stand capacity

Louvred Panel Trolley for use with Small Parts Bins

Code Dimensions (mm) Used with Louvre Value
1000 (W) x 530 (D) x 1160 (H) G202,  G203,  G204, G205 & G206 Bins 240