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68 Litre Bale Arm Box

590 (L) x 390 (W) x 350 (H)

Colour: Blue

Code: M713SN
Heavy Duty, Euro Size Stack & Nesting Box

Details: Food Approved 
Bale Arm Containers are robust and easy-to-handle. Extremely popular, especially in grocery delivery services. The perforated design is ideal for the storage of fresh food products, though they can be used for many different goods across the sectors, including in temperature-controlled environments.

The bale arm makes the containers easy to stack and nest for safe, space-saving storage either in warehouses or as return trip packaging. Hand holes ensure that even the largest sized container can be lifted safely.

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Bale arm box

External Length 590 Internal Length 503
External Width 390 Internal Width 310
External Height 350 Internal Height 345
Capacity (litres) 68
Material PP
Weight (kg) 2.4
Walls Solid
Cubic Feet 2.7
Base Solid