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Did you know that we can put wording onto Mailbox products?

Did you know that we can put wording onto Mailbox products?

  • Items within your factory

Colour is often used to show what a container, pallet, or dolly is being used for, or what area of the factory it belongs in. However, for even more effective identification, we can also print wording directly onto the products. This is ideal for quick identification of purpose or contents and to make sure product is being kept in the correct areas. 

Stickers can come off after a few washes and may pose issues relating to foreign bodies or cross contamination.  However, we use stencilled graphics, moulded-in graphics and embossing for a permanent, hard-wearing solution that won’t let you down.

  • Products you are sending out from your premises

If you have products that you are sending out to customers/suppliers, you may be using return trip packaging (RTP).  Marking up these products with your company name makes it much less likely that your crates, pallets and pallet tanks will be lost or returned to the wrong supplier, and also reduces the chance that you will end up with packaging that does not belong to you.

Many customers tell us that having the company name printed on their RTP has reduced losses and at the same time advertised their business.

For more information on the range of personalisation options available, please visit or contact:

Tel: +44 (0)161 330 5577  Email:

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