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Euro Half Pallet - 2 Way Entry

800 (L) x 600 (W) x 120 (H)


Code: C2L 
Heavy duty grey half size pallet

Details: Food Approved 
Half pallets are light multi-trip pallets suitable for non-automated distribution processes in various industries, from retail to automotive. They have four-way entry, two open and two boxed. The interlocking system of top deck and runner profile facilitates safe handling of empty pallets. Low runner height and chamfered runner edges on both sides make these pallets ideal for use with pallet trucks.

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Half size distribution pallet
External Length 800 External Height 160
External Width 600

Weight 9.0
Static Load (kg) 2000
Material HDPE
Dynamic Load (kg)
Deck Ventilated
Racked Load (kg) N/A