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22 Litre Bi-Colour 180º Stack & Nest Container

600 (L) x 400 (W) x 127 (H)


Code: B6412A 
180º Stack & Nest Container

Details: Food Approved 
180° Stack Nest Bi-Colour Containers are moulded in blue and beige and are designed to interwork with all Euro stacking containers. The two-tone colour is a visual aid to assist with locating in a stack or nest position. Each container has a nesting capability of 50% compared to an equivalent stacking container. They are moulded in HDPE material, which is ideal for meat, poultry and fish processors and many other industries.

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22 Litre Bi-Colour 180º Stack & Nest

External Length 600 Internal Length 556
External Width 400 Internal Width 356
External Height 127 Internal Height 109
Capacity (litres) 22
Walls Solid
Weight (kg) 1.47
Base Solid
Material HDPE