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Moving Euro containers from A to B

Moving Euro containers from A to B

Are you wasting time moving Euro containers from A to B, one at a time? Straining your back lifting and carrying heavy boxes? Our Euro container trolleys are just what you need to save time, streamline procedures and generally make your workplace more efficient!
Often used for order picking and warehouse picking, the trolleys make it easy to sort, store and transport items, ensuring that containers don’t get separated or lost but stay safe and together, so you can keep related items in one place rather than having to search for them. A rear metal bar prevents containers from being pushed through, meaning it’s quick to load and unload the trolley, as well as avoiding potential health and safety hazards due to spilt or spoilt contents.
Made of mild steel and epoxy-coated in silver for a hard-wearing finish, these Euro container trolleys are available in several different sizes and shelf configurations, as well as double or single unit options. And when not in use, they can be stored full, keeping valuable contents secure and off the floor, or empty, ready for restocking.
Strong castors and lightweight construction ensure excellent manoeuvrability, even when the containers are full, so you can navigate even the busiest floor. When needed, the castors lock to prevent unwanted movement, making each unit very secure for loading/unloading/parking.
Our Euro trolleys, tote trolleys and containers are available now.
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