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Size 3 Electro Conductive Small Parts Bin

235 (L) x 150 (W) x 130 (H)


Code: G203EC
Size 3 - Electro Conductive Small Parts Bin

Details: (Pack of 10) 
These black electro-conductive storage containers are manufactured from antistatic material, producing a container that is less likely to damage sensitive static items. This makes them ideal for use as part of a complete ESD control programme. They stack securely to save space and provide simple and effective small parts storage for a wide range of products.

External Length 235 Internal Length 220
External Width 150 Internal Width 125
External Height 130
Internal Height 120
Capacity (litres) 3.4
Material PP
Weight (kg) 0.28
Cubic Feet 0.12
Base Solid