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25 Litre Bi-Colour 180º Stack & Nest Container

600 (L) x 400 (W) x 143 (H)


Code: B6414A 
180º Stack & Nest Container

Details: Food Approved
The robust bi-colour 180° container is made of food grade virgin polypropylene. It uses two-tone colour to aid stacking and nesting: if the beige sides line up, the containers stack for safe storage of product; if turned 180° so the beige and blue sides alternate, they nest and take up only half the space of an equivalent stacking container. This avoids accidental crushing of contents and makes them ideal for return trip packaging. It also ensures safe and tidy storage when not in use.

Minimal tapering from rim to base ensures that layers of product are uniform. Clever sliding rails mean that the container locates perfectly every time, even above head height. This reduces product damage and back injuries from over reaching. The container is designed to inter-work with all Euro stacking containers.

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25 Litre Bi-Colour 180º Stack & Nest

External Length 600 Internal Length 556
External Width 400 Internal Width 356
External Height 143 Internal Height 129
Capacity (litres) 25
Walls Solid
Weight (kg) 1.57
Base Solid
Material HDPE